Dizzy Fae

Join us for our SOUND ON show with Dizzy Fae.
Watch her exclusive performance and interview with us.

Q. Hi Dizzy, it is so nice to have you again. Can you give us a quick introduction of yourself?

A. Hi! I’m the queen of the Dizzerts, baddest in the works, does a cartwheel then a twerk! I’m Dizzy Fae. I’m a musician and entertainer.

Q. You were also in our summer campaign not so long ago. Since then, what have you been up to and what has changed, if anything at all?

A. That was such a fun campaign to be a part of!!! Since then I’ve been in the rollout of my new EP ‘Antenna’ and it’s been glorious! Every track is a bop.

Q. Tell us more about your new EP “Antenna”! What was your main source of inspiration, how is it different from your previous work, and what is it about?

A. All of my work is an evolved version of the last. I feel like I'm just always becoming who I've always meant to be. I mean that’s life’s journey right? To hear it in my music though is so cool. I am my inspiration.

Q. Our readers would love to know, what does the process of working on an EP look like?

A. Making an EP to me feels like an introduction to something bigger. Like making any project with music, I make a bunch of songs then pick a few and keep it moving. I like to let the universe speak to me with ideas like artwork, song titles, even writing the song. Making a body of work makes me feel closer to something bigger than me like “god” or somethin’. It can be a spiritual journey if you want it to be or you can just be a machine... either way it’ll get done and it’s a hell of a ride haha. My favorite part is the very beginning of making a song and the mixing process.

Q. Which song out of the four is most personal or special to you? Tell us a little bit about the story behind it.

A. That’s a really hard question because they all do something equally special and personal for me in a different way. I like that I made ‘360 baby’ and ‘body move’ all on Zoom! That’s pretty wild to me. They just all are so amazing and are each to its own.

Q. So, continuing the theme of our spring and summer campaign of “staying you”, this SOUND ON project’s tagline is “Play Live. Stay You.” What does that phrase mean to you?

A. I try to live every day like it’s my first and my last. I allow myself to live in the moment by bringing myself back to the present moment with a certain thought of gratitude. I believe my style helps a lot with me vs the world. I wear every outfit like it’s my last. I just try to make everything count, even on days when I'm sad and out. Being present though really let’s me just be, without any feelings attached and if there is, I allow myself to be aware but recognize that I am not these feelings. I am me. I watched this interview where Jim Carrey said “I used to be a boy watching the world but now I'm watching the world watch a boy.” and I live by that. I think well what is Dizzy Fae doing in the world that’s watching her?

Q. Let’s talk a little more about identity. Last time you were with us, you shared a little bit about being queer and the positive experience you’ve had with it, being in music and having queer stans. What did that self-identification and acceptance journey look like for you?

A. That’s a journey that never ends. Identity. Honestly to me that looks like being present and carrying love with intention. That’s how I'd like to self-identify myself always.

Q. What advice can you share for our followers who may be going through a similar journey?

A. Accept who you are right now. If there’s things you don’t like, change that right now. The world doesn’t stop nor does your growing. I believe human life is just manipulating energy. Be good to yourself because it’s all 360 Baby. MUAH!

Q. June is known as Pride month. How are you celebrating, and what does Pride mean to you?

A. I celebrate pride 365 days a year. Pride month is always fun though. Pride to me is a lifestyle. It’s the confidence in who I am.

Q. How do you practice self-love in your life?

A. I think one of the biggest things I can do for self-love is being aware of everything and I mean EVERYTHING that I put into my body. I’m saying food and drinks, how I talk to myself, what products I use, and my fitness. I noticed at one point I was doing everything on the outside that I thought I needed for self-love until I realized that the way I talk to myself was argumentative and I was like WAIT A MINUTE… Here comes the affirmations and kind talks with myself.