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Get inspired by our in-depth interviews with aspiring women across all fields. Let’s talk art, fashion, music, and much more.

Play Loud with Hot in Heels

Meet the women-led Toronto dance crew Hot in Heels, a movement centered around inclusivity, empowerment, and confidence.

Reboot w/ Elah Hale

Join us for a chat with Elah as she talks us through her 2020, music career, and hopes for 2021.

Reboot w/ Keighty Schmid

Tune in for an honest, refreshing chat with Keighty as we talk about mental health, eating disorders, and how we’re starting 2021.

Reboot w/ Laini Ozark

Read all about Laini, a recent grad and full-time YouTuber, as we chat about the new year, fashion, and her work!

Reboot w/ Ganna Bogdan

Catch us on ice w/ model, figure skater, and artist Ganna Bogdan.

Caught on Film:
Gen, Valentina, Mia, Ariel

Catch up on our chat with our L.A. crew members Genevieve, Valentino, Mia, and Ariel on all things holiday.

Caught on Film:
May, Lola, Megi, Danika

Chat with our MTL crew as they share what they’re doing, wearing, and planning for the holiday szn!

Caught on Film:
Ange, Lauryn, Chloe, NG

Join us & meet our Toronto crew members Ange, Lauryn, Chloe, and NG and see how we’re spending the holiday szn.

Caught on Film:
Suede, Odalys, Sahara

Find out all about our NYC crew members Suede, Odalys, and Sahara and what they’re up to this holiday szn!